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Small center, BIG hearts

Small center, BIG hearts

We are Kinder Castle, a small center nestled in the heart of Martinez, Georgia, where every child is treated with love and respect!

Newly built childcare center!

Now open!

We want YOU to be one of our first families at KCC!

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new kids on the block:

We are a new childcare center, run by experienced educators.

Located in the heart of Martinez, GA, we are a new childcare center run by experienced and passionate educators. Our goal is to provide individual attention because we recognize that each child has their own unique needs. In addition, our low ratio allows us to maintain an environment where children can receive as much love and care as possible from teachers who truly know them well!



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older toddlers!

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older threes &

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why Kinder Castle:

Providing nutritious meals to promote healthy growth

Kinder Castle Childcare recognizes the critical role that nutrition plays in our children’s lives. We ensure children not only love their food, but are also getting the right vitamins and minerals for healthy growth.

A cleaner, safer childcare to give you peace of mind.

We strive to meet the highest standards of maintaining a clean, safe environment. This includes enhanced cleaning protocols and high-technology security measures.

Prioritizing family relationships through open communication.

When parents are allowed open communication with directors and staff of their childcare facility, it creates a bond and sense of trust between teacher and parent.


Pre-register at KCC today and get an exclusive tour of our newly renovated facility!

We're excited to meet you! Our director will reach out to you soon to confirm your registration!

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