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Committed to each and every child

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our curriculum:

At KCC, your child's education and social-emotional development are of utmost importance to us.


Our teachers develop weekly lesson plans tailored to each classroom based on the Georgia Early Learning and Development Standards (GELDS) system. This system supports the full growth of your child from birth through age five. It aligns with the Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE) for K-12 to ensure your young learner is kindergarten-ready!

Learn more about the GELDS system

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our classrooms:

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Our Toddlers learn and grow so much in this short period of time!


We promote child development and learning by:

  • Building strong relationships with each family and child.

  • Ensuring that our teachers follow familiar routines toddlers can feel safe and secure about. In addition, our teachers are making sure that we are talking and building language throughout the day

  • We encourage our toddlers to explore the world around them freely and safely through hands-on play, sensory experiences, and introducing colorful, interesting materials and toys in the classroom.


In our older toddler program, little ones really start learning and experimenting the world around them! Skills and knowledge are built off of sensory experiences, trial and error, and goals that were set in place during the infancy stages.


We promote child development and learning by:

  • Ensuring our teachers build strong and positive bonds with young ones to be confident enough to explore the world around them during sensory experiences and trying new learning activities.

  • Implementing hands-on learning activities and play. Little ones learn best when they can use all five senses during the process. This is very important for problem-solving for their future and schooling.

  • Cultivating a warm and welcoming classroom that encourages development. Our teachers can support this by acknowledging children's efforts while offering new suggestions and ideas

  • Observing, documenting, and evaluating each child helps decide what experiences to give next.

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older toddlers!

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Older toddlers
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During this stage of a child's development, parents and families notice that their child is a growing, thriving individual!

Development and learning are measured and evaluated through five learning domains: physical development, social development, emotional development, language and literacy, and cognitive thinking. These five learning domains help our teachers to balance what children need to know for school readiness and preparation, with their own knowledge of how each student in the class learns best.


We cultivate a classroom of learning and development by:

  • Making sure that our teachers use children's interests to help introduce new words and concepts.

  • Helping our students express themselves through the creative arts. Our teachers plan an environment that can support a child's ability to be creative with expression and communication.

  • Continuing to keep in communication with parents and families to discuss observations, documentation of learning, and evaluations of each child to continue learning at home!


Our focal point for our older threes and fours is school readiness! Our little learners are talking, working on their handwriting skills, and learning challenging concepts. This program will get a little deeper into the learning domains and explore new ones such as math, science, and technology.

We help children get ready for school and the next steps in their development and learning by:

  • Implementing whole group and small group instruction each and every day. We will make sure that each child gets to experience and experiment with toys/manipulatives, activities, and items that can help link new connections and build on previous knowledge.

  • Continuing to nurture children's creativity by expression through the arts, music, and language learning.

  • Promoting family involvement through daily updates on our family app, and parent-teacher conferences. When parents and families can collaborate with teachers/caregivers, we can promote a love of learning for every child!

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older threes & fours!

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Older threes & fours

Does KCC sound like the right place for your family?

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